What Beavers do

All sorts of things!

We are an active colony so we try to do as many different things as possible.  We do activities inside our regular meeting place, go on day visits, and even have occasional sleepovers!

We play games, do crafts, make new friends, explore the outdoors, create things and eventually when the beavers become 8yrs, they move up to cubs.

The emphasis for beaver scouts is on having fun, so a meeting involves playing games and some sort of activity – such as painting, cooking or acting.  Beaver scouts are also taught about the basic aspects of scouting, though much of this is left for the older sections.

Beavers often follow the theme of the ‘Friends of the Forest’ story which is about a beaver growing up and moving onto be a cub scout.  When you are introduced to the leaders of the Beaver Colony, you might find that some of them will have names taken from the Friends of the Forest book. 

Beavers themselves decided that the Assistant Leaders should be named after chocolates & sweets – hence our current leaders are called Buttons & Fudge.  In the past we’ve also had a Kat Kit, Rolo & Tic Tac.  

Beavers learn about their local community, county and country and the wider world by visiting local public services and places of interest. All of this goes towards ensuring our beavers achieve their six challenge badges